As a child, I was first exposed to technology's ability to generate tremendous impact while growing up spending every summer on a remote scientific research station in the Bay of Fundy. Once in college at Kenyon, I dedicated my final years of study to closely examining how that impact can be generated in today's digital age with coursework in Science, Technology and Math. By graduation I had found my answer, and it has grown into a passion: devising and developing usable, valuable technologies by leveraging state-of-art compute resources.

Since then, I've joined Dr. Jyothi Robertson and a team of veterinary experts who use my analyses with clients to design, develop and operate animal-control facilities, spay-neuter clinics, and adoption centers. With JVR Shelter Strategies, I write Mathematica and Python code to process years of animal shelter database information to deliver customized visualizations and predictive statistics.

Currently with Sens of Life, I develop and optimize multi-camera graphics pipelines for real-time motion analysis by leveraging GPUs to implement, integrate, and debug code with OpenCV in Python and C++ for Windows and embedded Linux.